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Stepping Up to Preserve Religious Liberty for “Ages and Millions Yet Unborn”

I am one faithful, determined, inspired and mighty person. God has made me so.

There is much I can and I will do.

  • I will pray for the wisdom to do all I can to preserve freedom of conscience and religion.

  • I will listen to the words of Pope Benedict and Pope Francis about the role the laity must play in preserving religious liberty.

  • I will learn the history of America’s religious freedom and why our founders were determined to protect freedom of conscience and religion.

  • I will educate myself about the benefits to society of religious liberty.

  • I will raise my own awareness of denials of religious liberty.

  • I will educate the children in my family and parish to understand the robust, all-encompassing freedom of religion that is their birthright…and to cherish and protect that freedom.

  • I will speak plainly and often to my church, community and country about the value of religious freedom.

Resources for learning the history, facts and current issues of religious liberty:


  • First Freedom: The Fight for Religious Liberty from PBS

  • A Man for All Seasons.  The story of St. Thomas More, patron saint of religious freedom.

  • For Greater Glory. The true story of Cristiada.

  • Last Ounce of Courage: a story of faith, family and freedom


  • Religious Liberty in the American Republic by Gerard V. Bradley

  • Founding Faith by Steven Waldman

  • The Original 13: A Documentary History of Religion in America’s first Thirteen States by Federer

  • Religious Freedom: Why Now? Defending an Embattled Human Right by The Task Force on International Religious Freedom of the Witherspoon Institute

  • Render Unto Caesar by Archbishop Charles Chaput

  • Pushback: Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit by Rabbi Aryeh Spero


Web Sites:

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